Socrates Brito Finds a Home in Reno’s Outfield

Brito prepares for an at bat at Greater Nevada Field. Photo by John Macaluso

Reno Aces Center Fielder Socrates Brito was born on September 6, 1992 in the city of Azua in the Dominican Republic. He would make his debut for the Arizona Diamondbacks 22 years later on September, 2014.

His accomplishments include representing the Diamondbacks in the 2015 All-Star Futures Game and Diamondbacks’ Minor League Player of the Year in 2015. He currently leads the Reno Aces in batting average (.328), runs (20), stolen bases (6), hits (39), and doubles (6).

We caught up with Brito to talk to him about about a few things regarding his life in the Dominican Republic.

What is the difference between baseball in the United States and the Dominican Republic?

“I don’t think there’s a big difference. I think there’s baseball everywhere. The thing is that, back in Latin America, people kind of come from nothing and sometimes they don’t have utilities to play baseball. It’s a little hard because you don’t find people to help you. You have to sometimes make it on a team. I think mostly baseball is the same thing here as back there. I think it’s a little harder for us. You just need to keep playing this game and try to make it all the time.”

Brito swings hard en route to a big Mother’s Day win. Photo by John Macaluso

Where is your favorite place to play?

“I mean, my favorite place to play is the big leagues. There is nothing better than to be in the big leagues.”

Is there anything about Reno that reminds you of home?

“Not really. It’s a lot of different here. Reno is a nice place to play baseball. I like it. Lots of places to go, like Lake Tahoe. It’s nice. It’s a nice lake. It’s unbelievable how beautiful it is.”

How did you start playing baseball?

“I just started like, when I was in school and one of my cousins played. He told me a couple times, “hey you want to go play baseball or something? You are good.” So I went and started playing for, like, fun and I liked it and since that day I just keep playing.”



Brito sprinting to first after a single to right field. Photo by John Macaluso

What are some of your non-baseball related goals?

“I mean, mostly just spend time with my family with my friends. I always like trying to find people to talk to and always learning something from the old people too. I think mostly it’s going to be a relaxing at home, watching TV, and playing with my nephews.”

How was life growing up?

“I mean, when I started playing there it was tough for me because there was nobody. So in the beginning, nobody was helping me. I put in, like, a lot of effort to be where I am. So after that, all of my brothers started to help me out and I have to say thanks to them for all the help they gave to me so I can start playing. My father too and my mother. They gave me a lot of support, so that’s something I am to be thankful for.”

Featured photo by John Macaluso

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